2018 – current
Filt is a open-source, non-industrial textile recycling system. This system can transform textile waste from pre and post consumption into new flexible materials with potential uses in the industry.
This project aims to mitigate the negative environmental impacts from the textile industry and contribute to democratize the use of technologies and design.
The open-source code will be uploaded to a web platform, with the instructions and manufacturing plans, so it can be reproduce by anyone with internet access and rapid prototyping tools such as laser cutters, 3d printers and CNC machines. We hope the knowledge, systematized and shared, will empower the generation of new local business models and boost the recycling ecosystem.
This project was awarded with public founding (Fondart 2017) by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Chile.
Sofía Guridi / Designer
Camila Rios / Designer
Ana de Lara / Designer
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