2019 - Current
PIN: Arpilleras Parlantes is an educational project linking the textile trade of the “Arpillera” with new technologies. Exploring from the world of e-textiles, its main objective is to create new cultural resources from this relationship of two normally distant areas, which allow us to resignify the traditional textile technique and bring it closer to a new audience.
PIN seeks to generate a meeting space between design, crafts and technology that allows the creation of interactive textile pieces through the use of a kit and methodology specially designed for it. The first experience was carried out in Santiago, with a group of 15 elementary students (13 years old). In this educational environment, designers, artisans and engineers where tutors lead the student to communicate their own stories trough the fabric and the electronics.
This project was awarded with public founding by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Chile (Fondart 2019) to be develop from March to July 2019.

Sofía Guridi
Aalto University


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