“Talking Arpilleras” is a project that explores how the integration of new technologies can add value to a traditional textile technique, by adding new layers of information that enhance its main communicative effort.
The Arpillera is a textile technique characterized by using potato sacs as the base fabric. It was born as a way of political expression created by women to confront the violence and fear that result from Augusto Pinochet's military dictatorship in Chile (1973 to 1990). Today, is still use to communicate issues related to Chilean and Latin culture, like violence against women and minorities' rights.
The creation of an interactive textile piece was made in collaboration with chilean artisans from Melipilla, adding electronic components like conductive thread, conductive fabric, soft sensors and microcontrollers.

Fab Textiles Exhibition, Paris, 2018
Museo Violeta Parra, Santiago de Chile, 2019
Sofía Guridi / Designer
Collaboration with Melipilla Artisans

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